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    One logged, find your detailed report in a minute. Yes, just like that.

Too many complex
unreadable data reports ?

Squid Solutions developed a simple way to access and understand your data : N2K4GA gives you one-page overview that analyses your website visits growth over the last month/year and highlights the key-drivers for a selection of dimensions: country, source, landing page, visitor types & behavior, device type. N2K automatically selects what is important for you among thousands of drivers!

N2K is made for you

  • bloggers

    N2K For bloggers

    You're a blogger, delivering content to your audience everyday ? We guess you need to know quickly how, when and which content is read. N2K can help you by offering a condensedo overview in one minute.

  • analysts

    N2K For analysts

    You're an analyst. Your everyday life is made of data and numbers. We know how hard it is to handle all of it. N2K helps you to keep an eye on your trafic.

  • marketers

    N2K For Marketers

    You creating and developing marketing strategies? You can help yourself by using N2K, an easy-to-use tool which will simplify your complex and strategic everyday tasks.

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