Data Usage Policy

Squid Solutions receives data from your Google Analytics account through the secure permission process built in to Google products. Individual Analytics users can authorize the Need 2 Know application to connect with a Google Analytics account, from which point Squid Solutions is able to view, but never edit, your Google Analytics data.

By granting Squid Solutions access to your Google Analytics account, you will acknowledge the Need 2 Know service to make the necessary API calls and queries in order to analyze your site profile performance and provide you a summary report.

The service will query your Google Analytics profiles to list available web properties at each activation, no profile information is stored on our server. For each profile you select the service will perform several queries to gather the necessary data. The resulting data may be cached on our server during the user session to improve performance.

Squid Solutions is committed to following Google's best-practices for interacting with your data.

Squid Solutions never uses your data, nor data from other profiles under your account, except for the sole purpose of the Need 2 Know service. Squid Solutions never sells nor shares your data with any other 3rd party.

Squid Solutions records your Google Analytics Account name and email address in order to perform usage statistic of the Need 2 Know service. Squid Solutions may use Google Analytics web tracking tool to analyze web usage of the Squid Solutions web properties and services.